There is apparently another Kirk Ward that is an actor in movies, unfortunately I’m not that cool but I’ve got some good things going for me anyway.

I’m really dedicated to personal fitness, at least to the degree where it doesn’t become an obsession but rather a lifestyle.  I was heavy growing up and post-college I decided to do something about it and lost 70lbs.  That got me into the pages of Men’s Health and I haven’t looked back since then.  I try to use my story to help motivate friends to meet their own fitness goals and get to where they want to be.

I went to NC State and am a diehard Wolfpack fan, whether that’s good or bad can be debated by many.  I worked for Accenture for four years but got hit during the early months of 2009.  Looking for my next career move and figuring out what I really want to do is next on my plate, hopefully I’ll be able to change this section in the near future.

I’m obsessed with many things, mainly Science and History (think Discovery Channel and National Geographic), Travel, Fitness (including but not limited to Triathlons, Running Races, etc.) and Diet Coke.  If you would like to talk about job opportunities in any of those areas, feel free to contact me –



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