Ben & Jerry’s FroYo – Half Baked

What is it? Frozen Yogurt!  With brownies and cookie dough pieces in it!

Why is it so awesome? Because it’s delicious, and it’s not as calorie intensive as ice cream.  Even if it’s not great for you, it’s at least a little better than ice cream…

Will it make me fat? Possibly.  I bought this at Super Target in the pint size container, and the serving size is a half-cup.  There are four servings in the container, each one coming out to 180 calories and 3g of fat.  Not so bad, right?  It does have 4g of protein for each serving, so that’s good…Consider this though, the normal Half Baked flavor comes out to 270 calories a serving and a whopping 13g of fat.  With the froyo, if you eat the whole container in one sitting because you had a bad day, it’s only 720 calories!

Where can I get it? I bought it tonight at Super Target, but I believe it’s sold at pretty much any grocery store out there.  I mean, it’s Ben & Jerry’s, it’s not going to be hard to come by.  If you feel like being social with your froyo, check out the store locator and find your closest Ben & Jerry’s.