Ok – starting a new job and I just can’t show up looking like a schmuck.

I got a laptop from my company, but the laptop bag just isn’t cutting it.  After the laptop and folio are in the bag, there’s barely enough room for me to fit in a mouse and power cord.  After that, I still need to fit in some extra-curriculars like snacks (please see my “Nom” posts for more information there), reading material (National Geographic, Smithsonian and Runners World), an umbrella and back up tie.  Plus I hate carrying things in my pockets, so most likely everything in my pockets will end up in the bag (duckbill money clip, yes please).

So that’s my problem and this is where you come in.  Please help me find the perfect bag that isn’t your normal run of the mill laptop bag.  I also don’t want to spend a small fortune on it, which is why I can’t convince myself to purchase a bag from Saddleback Leather Company (starting at…$495, although they do have a 100 year warranty).

If you pull up that link, you’ll get an idea of the style I like.  I expect big things from you internet people.