For those of you unaware, I really like to eat.  That’s probably why I used to weigh 270lbs, and even though I’ve learned to be a lot healthier, I still like to eat.

“Nom nom nom” is a form of onomatopoeia, the sound made when devouring something so delicious that you can’t take a break to make normal sounds.  If you’re trying to visualize this, just think of Cookie Monster when he gets his hands on a batch of fresh, monster cookies.  Still nothing?  Check out the 2-minute mark of this video and you should be good to go.

So I’ve decided that each week on Friday, I’m going to discuss what I enjoyed “noming” on during the previous week.  And now for my debut entry…

Jack Link’s – Teriyaki Beef Steak Nuggets

What is it? Beef jerky!  With teriyaki flavoring!  But not just beef jerky, these are beef steak nuggets.

Why is it so awesome? Because in the nugget form, you don’t encounter any of the hard, dried out pieces of jerky that you find in a normal bag.

Will it make me fat? No!  A normal bag of these delightful treats is 3.4oz.  According to the package, they’re 96% fat free, with 1g of fat per serving (3 servings in a bag).  They also have about 70 calories per serving, so you can eat the whole bag and only account for 210 calories.  Lastly, the protein is pretty good at 10g per serving, 30g in a bag.  That should be enough to tide you over until your next meal.  It does appear that there’s 20% of your daily sodium in-take per serving, but I think that’s the only area you can take points off.

Where can I get it? Don’t buy it at a grocery store!  It’s expensive, at least in my opinion.  $4.99 for a bag that’s pretty easy to go through at most grocery stores.  I’d recommend picking it up at Target or Wal-Mart where you can usually find it for a more manageable $3.99.

Hope you enjoy them and let me know if you try other flavors!  I’m partial to the teriyaki, but according to their site they have a lot of other flavors such as Original, A-1, Peppered, Flamin’ Buffalo (chicken), Fajita Tender (chicken), and I think there’s more but their site isn’t cooperating with me right now…