Pending a background and drug test.  I accepted an offer with a Management Consulting Firm here in Charlotte last week.  It’s a full-time job and not contract work, which is comforting to have during the current economy.  Orientation starts on 8/24 and I’m looking forward to it, although I have to admit that the free time over the summer has been enjoyed.

I already have let some money burn a hole in my pocket, after taking a trip to the mall to celebrate and then treating some friends to Hawthorne’s Pizza on Saturday night.  I am starting to look over my to-do list and wish list and see what I need to start working on now that I’ll have a money flow.

I have enjoyed the blogging and will continue to do so even as I’m employed (although per the suggestion of my graphic designer, we’re going to put a slash through the “un” part of my blog title).  I’ll just be doing the blogging on personal time and not company time.

Thanks for reading so far and I’m looking forward to bringing you more info in the future.