Review – TuneUp

So we all know the story.  Your iTunes music library is a trainwreck and thousands of songs means it’s way too daunting for you to attempt to fix it.

There are all sorts of reasons why, maybe you copied them over from a burned cd and were too lazy to put the artist and song title, maybe you stumbled upon the songs through some combination of Limewire and Napster, completely hypothetical by the way.  Whatever your reason for having a birds nest for a music collection doesn’t matter, as long as you do something about it.

This is where TuneUp comes in.  TuneUp is the equivalent of Merlin for your iTunes.  I don’t know how it’s done, but TuneUp can analyze your music files, even the ones that are missing all their information, and not only find the song title, artist and album, but if you’re lucky they’ll even find the album art.  It’s magic from what I can tell, and I’m a little concerned as to what else they can do on my computer.

I’ve got screenshots of the process at the bottom of this post.  You select up to 500 songs at a time for TuneUp to analyze, drag and drop and let it work its magic.  TuneUp contacts its servers and sorts through the bits and pieces you have and analyzes the file to produce the full entry.  The process can take a little while, and when complete you have the option to accept the new file names.  The process can be paused if you want to change anything.

TuneUp did a beautiful job of filling in the blanks where I was missing information, and I was especially impressed with it finding information on burned cds that were uploaded to my computer.

With all good things, there are some drawbacks.  Some of these may be attributed to user error, and I haven’t gotten a chance to chat with TuneUp since trying their product, so please take these just as notes.  A couple small things that I didn’t like while using TuneUp:

I don’t like that TuneUp autostarts with iTunes.  I couldn’t figure out a way to make this stop from happening.  When I have tried to quit TuneUp prior to it finishing loading, it seems to freeze up and my computer needs a restart before it goes away.  Update:  Spoke with the Marketing Director for TuneUp and found the Preferences area where you can change auto-startup.  See screenshot below!

Picture 8

I don’t like that it appears to be locked in place on the right side of the screen and unable to move.  I sit my system tray on the right side and had to move it around before I could functionally use the application.

Like I said, these are minor in comparison to how well the application works.  Overall I would give TuneUp a solid 8.5/10 on the Kirkometer (just made that up, for reference Diet Coke is the only thing that gets 10/10) for its music identifying functionality (say that three times fast).  Enjoy!

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Picture 3