I hope that by now you all have seen the glorious movie that is “The Hangover.”  If not, you need to make your way to the theater immediately so you can understand the genius of Zach Galifianakis and his Wolfpack, the need for sunscreen and why you should watch out for your dentist friend when he gets the pliers out.

With my accolades for the movie out of the way, now it’s time for my accolades of twitter.  The other week I was just minding my own business when I get an e-mail that says “Caesar’s Palace” is now following you on twitter.  I think “cool” but not much more of it.  I go and decided to follow them back and I immediately notice their posts, they’re giving away “The Hangover” packages to 20 lucky twitter followers.  After enough begging to make a homeless man shy, I ended up winning one of the 1st prizes!

Two nights in a deluxe room at Caesar’s Palace

$100 Resort Credit

The last time I went to Vegas I stayed at the Imperial Palace, so needless to say this a SERIOUS upgrade.  I did visit Caesar’s Palace previously and it’s gorgeous, although the last time I went to Caesar’s Palace and ate food, I ended up with a $50 bill for a chicken sandwich – so the $100 resort credit is much appreciated.  I haven’t decided when to go just yet, flights aren’t as cheap as I was hoping.

Let me know your Vegas recommendations from best show to see while out there, best poker room, etc.  I’m probably going to do some blogging/tweeting while on the trip so let me know of things you want to see!