Taking a break from job searching and saw a tweet that Ed McMahon has passed at the age of 86.  Depending how old you are, you’ll know him for different reasons.  My memories of Ed McMahon will always be from Star Search or the envelopes I would feverishly open that said “You may have already won!” from Publishers Clearinghouse.  I always thought the prize patrol was coming to my house and didn’t understand that the same envelope was sent to half of the people in the United States.

While waiting for the prize patrol to show up, I’d always think about the different things I would do if I had the millions and millions of dollars all but assured in that envelope.  No idea what my list was as a kid, I’m sure it included a combination of the following things; dinosaurs, ninja turtles, pizza and video games.

Today, my list looks a little different, here’s a list of the things I would do if I had some serious funds –

– Travel. For a long time. Peru, Australia, throughout Europe, China. So many places I want to see

– Start my own companies. I want to be a creative consultant, if such a thing exists. I have ideas bouncing around in my head and no outlet to put them into motion. I’m thinking I could solicit companies with my ideas and let them work on the implementation.

– Start a charity. My grandmother was an advocate for the care of women in abusive relationships. In fact, I did my senior exit project on the effects of domestic violence on children. I’m hoping Rihanna becomes a spokesperson for domestic violence and enables women to come forward more freely, although her attacker just getting parole doesn’t bode well.

– Enable my family and friends to do the things they want to do. Most people aren’t in a job that makes them happy on a daily basis. I’d like to help them have the money to not worry about how much money they would make working in their passion.

That’s what I’ve got for now, but what about you? With unimaginable funds, what would you do?