I don’t drink a lot, but I do appreciate a good frosty mug of quality beer. Not beer pong light, I’m talking the good stuff. About a month ago Liz and I went to a cookout and picked up a Sam Adam’s sampler pack that had 2 of each – Black Lager, Blackberry Wietbier, Irish Red. Black Lager was my favorite, but Irish Red was pretty tasty (tasted a lot like Red Oak for you North Carolina people).

So knowing how much I like Sam Adam’s, I went to check out their site and see what else I’m missing and I came across a treasure trove….

Sam Adam’s World of Beer

My top 10 Sam Adam’s Beers that I have had:
1. Boston Lager (original)
2. Light
3. White Ale
4. Summer Ale
5. Octoberfest
6. Winter Lager
7. Cherry Wheat
8. Black Lager
9. Irish Red
10. Hefeweizen

My top 10 of Sam Adam’s Beers that I want to try
1. Scotch Ale
2. Honey Porter
3. Cream Stout
4. Imperial White
5. Triple Bock
6. Utopias ($$$$$$$)
7. Chocolate Bock
8. Millennium
9. Hallertau 24
10. Imperial Stout